PiFit+ Smart Scale

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PiFit+ Smart Scale - BMI - Bluetooth - iOS & Android App.

The information the PiFit+ smart scale provides enables the user to improve their health and set personal goals. If it takes longer to see progress, no problem! It’s still progress. Keep at it. If our product can motivate you, we have done our job.

Smart, yet simple setup. Activate your phone’s Bluetooth before starting the App. Create a profile. Complete your weighing and body analysis session. Track and monitor your gains. All presented in the palm of your hand on your smartphone via the App.

- Weight - BMI - Body Fat % (Body and Visceral) - Muscle mass - Water - BMR - Protein - Bone and Metabolic Age - Baby weighing mode (0-3 years) 

Beautiful design. Standing just 22mm tall, this beautifully crafted smart scale has the look and feel of a contemporary smart product. The tempered glass and tough scale housing crams a whole lot of smart weighing technology into an incredibly low profile package. The platform size is generous, measuring 304mm x 304mm, larger than many other scales. The PiFit+ Smart Scale has a weighing capacity of 180kg / 396lbs.The concealed large character LED display allows the user the experience of a more traditional and familiar personal scale but with a modern design, making the scale an attractive addition to any home.

Technology. The 304 stainless steel Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA) sensors integrated into the scale, are at the heart of the scale’s body analysis functionality. The BIA sensors pass a small safe electrical current through the body and measure the impedance or resistance as this current passes through different tissues in the body. The results are sent to the smartphone app for analysis and are displayed and tracked for the user to view.

Popular Features:
- The progress-tracker, tracks all your body measurements over a selectable time period.

- The PiFit+ can be used by up to 10 users on 1 smartphone and also across multiple devices. Anyone in the family can install the app on their own device’s and use the scale.

- Share your progress! Add your trainer / friend or weight loss professional as a contact to allow them to monitor your progress. Share progress with friends and family using Facebook, Twitter, email, message, and more, directly from the app! You can even add another Pi.fit user in another location (with permission) to your profile and monitor their journey. Useful for dieticians and their patients.

- The weighing reminders will never let you forget to weigh in. You will be reminded to weigh and record your measurements.

- The PiFit+ app allows you to set a personal weight goal to keep you motivated.

- Show me! Compatibility, when selected, all data is shared between the App and Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, Samsung Health, MyFitnessPal.  

- You can sync later, weigh without your smartphone and sync your results later when you are nearby and it is convenient. The PiFit+  Smart Scale self calibrates before every weighing.

Whats in the box?
1 x PiFit+ Smart Scale
4 x AAA batteries
1 x User guide

System Requirements Operating System: iOS and Android Condition New Scale - Does not include a smartphone