PiFit Calorie Smart Scale

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The kitchen scale has just evolved.

Use as a smart scale with the APP or as a conventional kitchen scale, either way makes for a great addition to any modern connected home.

The Pi.Fit Calorie Smart Kitchen Scale connects to your smartphone via bluetooth and allows you to build a meal plan / meal diary (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks) on the APP by selecting the food placed on the scale or through barcode scanning of the food item being weighed. 

Eating Smart Doesn't Mean Eating Less : Weigh and select multiple meal ingredients (adding each one to your diary as you go) into 1 bowl to capture calories and nutritional information of the entire meal you are preparing.

No more portion size guessing. The scale gives ACTUAL sizing to the closest 1 gram!

The PiFit Calorie Smart Kitchen Scale is an ideal aid for those on Calorie Controlled meal plans such as diabetics and those wanting more control of their nutrition.

These types of scales are widely used and sold by dieticians, sports nutritionists, oncologists, biokinetics and personal trainers.

The beautiful design is low profile with an easy to clean tempered glass finish.

The concealed large character LED display activates during weighing with an Eco mode to save batteries and shuts down automatically when idle.

- Weight
- Nutritional information of ingredients
- kCal
- Protein
- Fats
- Carbohydrates

Weighing units to choose from:
- gram
- ml
- fl.oz
- lb oz
- milk ml

The APP can share data with the following health platforms: Apple Health and Fitbit.

The App is free to download when buying a Pi.Fit Calorie Smart Kitchen Scale (iOS 8.0 or later & Android 4.3 or later compatible)

- Bluetooth connectivity
- Battery operated: 3 x AAA (included)
- Physical Dimensions: 180mm x 210mm x 20mm
- Actual Weight: 0.45kg
- Weighing Capacity: 5kg x 1g
- ICASA approved